Building a Nesting Box Out of Upcycled Materials


According to, “the average American produces about 4.4 pounds (2 kg) of garbage a day.” While we can’t do anything about most of America’s trashy habits, each of us can do something in our own little corner of the world to keep things clean. An excellent way to eliminate waste is to upcycle it. Here at Hollow Springs we are all about reinventing and repurposing old “useless” stuff. Yesterday morning we got up early to build our hens a nesting box that would accommodate them all. My very sweet mother in law gifted us some chickens that are very good layers so I wanted to make sure they were all comfortable. The day before yesterday I dug through the shed in our barn where we keep all garbage that has potential for new life. After a few minutes of sifting through bits of wood, metal, and pieces of other old projects, I found just what I needed. After getting all of my treasure past the nosey bull we had put up in the barn, he needed to put on some weight so he can accommodate our lively heifers, I started to put together some ideas.

We used the frame from an old chick cage that we build 8 years ago, that got refurbished for a rabbit hutch 4 years ago. The rest of the hutch was taken apart and used for a variety of other projects. The 2×4 for the middle supports was a piece taken off of the old house we tore down as was the metal we used for the roof. The side pieces were scraps from other projects. We also used an old paint can to level up the frame. I laid a thick layer of hay in the bottom and placed some fake nesting eggs to encourage the girls to lay.


A big pile of garbage turned into a lovely place for my hens to lay their hen fruits. Keeping a ready pile of useful garbage is a financially and environmentally savvy way to do projects. Just as soon as James and I walked away the girls investigated the new box and began to lay. I hope most of them will begin to lay in the new box because I am tired of climbing to the top of the hay in the crib to hunt for eggs. Below is a link to a video of some of the building process so you can maybe get some ideas for your own hen fruit haven.

How to Build an Upcycled Nesting Box for Chickens

Building a Nesting Box Out of Upcycled Materials

Building a Nesting Box Out of Upcycled Materials

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