About the Farmers

What makes a Harley mechanic and a historian, uprooted from the Northwestern United States, decide to become sustainable farmers in Southern Appalachia? In a word…children…five of them. As my husband and I blended our two families we became concerned about what we could do to provide the healthiest life possible for them. What began as a change in the way we shopped for groceries has now turned into a personal revolution in our rejection of established food systems and energy systems. Choosing sustainability is a singular pathway because each must find the best way to accomplish independent living with the resources that they have. This blog is a record of our individual journey toward independent living. We are merely one of many taking different trails toward same objective. We are nowhere near the end of our journey and despite a couple of years in, are really only beginning. There have been a multitude of people that have offered much needed wisdom to our pursuit and I hope to give back along the way to the collective knowledge that is the bread and butter to anyone pursuing sustainable living.

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A venture in sustainable living